Company Profile

The company was founded in 1985 by Konstantinos Klinakis who set up the first plastic packaging production and printing unit.

Company ProfileThe company evolved through multiple stages of expansion on technical and strategy level. It promptly responded to the needs and demands of the market and our clients by investing in state of the art equipment, production systems and installations. The company also invested in human resources, possibly its most valuable asset, a winning combo that keeps us at the top few in the industry.

At Klinakis S.A. we develop and produce flexible plastic wrapping film for a wide range of packaging types and methods available in the market.

Our vision is to add value to the products of our clients by providing top quality, innovative packaging options. We make a point of constantly reaching for perfection via research and innovation. We make that effort to stand out as a dynamic and constantly evolving enterprise, aiming for better services and competitive products.

Company Social Responsibility

Company Social Responsibility

At Klinakis S.A. we sustain deep respect for our local community and its environment. We feel it is our responsibility and duty to apply a comprehensive company social responsibility plan on two levels:

An internal level on which we focus on the constant improvement of the working conditions and inter-relationships of our staff via various actions and activities and an external level that responds to the needs of the community and the consumers.

On this level we regard recycling and re-using of most of our materials that can be recycled as an integral, vital part of the company’s activities. We also have a sound and active connection to the local community, its structures and organizations, always taking part in the aid of the socially vulnerable of our community.

Research and Development

Research and Development

The long-term growth of our company greatly depends on the research and development of new, improved packaging materials and production methods. We monitor the industry worldwide and keep ourselves up-to-date by actively participating in international industry exhibitions and packaging-focused conferences. This active attitude enables us to constantly evolve and develop our products.

Production and Quality

Production and Quality

Quality is our top and foremost concern and strategic target: production process is closely related to the overall quality and high standards that have to be met. We perform continuous and thorough monitoring of every single step of production to ensure impeccable packaging solutions that enhance the value of our clients’ products. To add to this, we maintain a close relationship with certified, independent laboratories which specialize in plastic packaging analyses and evaluations.


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