Purchase of new coefficient of friction (COF) measurement device and tensile testing machine.


An automatic dosing and automatic thickness control system has been installed in the extruders, resulting in the guaranteed performance of all product characteristics throughout their production.

Print color density measurement equipment was obtained to certify the quality and visual result of each print.

An ultrasound cleaning system for the anilox rollers has been installed to ensure consistent print quality of our products.

A cooling system has been installed in the production and reforming of plastic film area, resulting in more stable temperature conditions that ensure stable production performance of our products.

A separate special storage area has been created, ensuring that there are no factors that reduce the performance and lifespan of clichés eg. sunlight, high temperatures, solvents, ozone (from the exuder)

An automatic cleaning cliches system using cliches frienldy liquids (no impact on clichés such as solvent cleaning) has been added to our equipment to achieve 100% performance on each reprint, which is also an aid to long-term maintenance of them.

An upgrade to the eight-color flexoprinting machine software has been added to improve even more the print quality of our products.

To ensure consistent print quality performance of our printing units we implemented various changes and improvements of the print area as well as completed the installation of special air-conditioning units.

We successfully installed and initiated operation of our new flexographic, central drum-type printing equipment, capable of printing up to 8 colours in high resolution. Our new addition will enable our printing department with new capabilities for more types of applications and packaging options.


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