Film Production

We produce Polyethylene (PE) Film in various sizes and thicknesses. We are capable of producing Low Density and High Density Films for a wide range of applications.

Flexography Printing

We print a wide range of materials (ΡΕ, ΒΟΡΡ, ΡΡ CAST, PET, and more) in an array of up to 8 colours in high resolution quality. We use only top quality raw materials and work with the most renowned pre-press agencies to deliver top quality printed packaging for our clients.

Lamination – Unification

At Klinakis® we are technology-capable of merging a range of materials combined to meet our clients’ most specialized packaging requirements using glues without the addition of solvents. This technique enables the production of specialized solutions such as bags that block permeability from an inner to an outer layer or the encasing of a printed layer between two materials, e.g. ΒΟΡΡ with aluminum and polyethylene, etc. and many more groupings.


We are fully equipped to produce wicket-type bags, to group them for use in automated packaging equipment or manual packaging. We deliver a wide range of types that are fully customized to meet the market demands.

Roll Slitting

We will deliver any type of rolled out packaging medium in various sizes to be used in automated packaging machinery or any other use.


We are equipped with perforating machinery that delivers macro or micro perforation in rolls and bags, where necessary.

Foods Packaging

Industrial Packaging

Fruit and Vegetable Packaging